The Canadian Graduate Engineering Consortium, a unique and progressive recruitment initiative, has brought together seven of Canada’s top universities to address the country’s urgent need for qualified engineers who can solve today’s most complex technical, social and environmental challenges.

“Grad school is where I discovered robotics was my true calling and it’s where I met a network of like-minded people whose companies now lead the field. Together, we’re now bringing drones and computer vision technology into the mainstream. Grad studies made it all possible.”

– April Blaylock, MASc, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering; Senior Unmanned Aerial Systems Developer at Aeryon Labs Inc

“Some would say they don’t want to take on the risk of going back to school, quitting a job and not knowing the outcome of their effort. For me, that was never a question. I recognized that someone would always hire an engineer.”

– Bruce McGee, MEng, PhD, Electrical Engineering; Founder of McMillan-McGee Corp

“The decision to quit my job to go back school was critical to my future success, not only because of the deeper technical knowledge that I gained, but more so because of the realization that I could chart my own path and create new technologies that have never been created before.”

– Brad Quinton, BASc Electrical, PhD Electrical and Computer; Startup founder, Sr. Director, Technology at Qualcomm Inc.