Explore your potential

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Consider advancing your academic, professional, and personal growth with a Master’s or PhD in Engineering. 

Here are some compelling reasons to pursue a graduate degree in engineering: 

Pursuit of Knowledge: Deepen your expertise and gain recognition for your contributions in your chosen field. 

Personal Challenge: Enhance your problem-solving skills and expand your knowledge across various areas. Network with fellow students, faculty, and alumni to foster personal growth. 

Career Flexibility: Transition to a new career path or further specialize in your current one. Gain advanced skills that align with your career aspirations. 

Professional Requirements: Certain careers, such as R&D roles, advanced machine learning/data science positions, and aerospace engineering, often require an advanced degree for success. 

With a graduate degree in engineering, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to attend our upcoming event where you can meet our dedicated staff, esteemed faculty, and current students to learn more about the diverse programs we offer. 

Take this opportunity to explore how a graduate degree can transform your future. 

Make your own choices and study a topic that you are so passionate about. You can explore a new Engineering field or gain recognition as an expert with specialized skills in a particular area.  

A graduate degree usually translates into more prestigious work and new perspectives, offering more control over future work opportunities on academic fields or industry.    

If you selected a research-based graduate degree, the new ideas and solutions that you would be working on could transform the world. You will have the opportunity to generate ideas, hypotheses, and original analyses with the support of your supervisor. 

 A graduate degree can create more opportunities for you as some careers require an advanced degree.  

We understand the complexity of this decision and many questions that it can have. That is why this consortium of engineering faculties came together to organize the Canadian Engineering Graduate Studies tour for you. Representatives of all participating universities will visit your campus! Find about the schedule, come to talk to us, and learn about the different opportunities you have, the support and facilities in each of our Top universities.  

We want to show you how you could be prepared to make an impact through leading professional engineering programs and build connections that advance your professional goals. 

Are you ready to create, explore and push boundaries, let’s get started!