Type of programs

There are two types of programs options: Research-based and course-based. Choosing the best program depends on your interest and career goals. 

Research-based Master’s and PhD 
If you enjoy tackling challenges that have never been solved before, and delving deeply into a specific subject area, being in a lab and working with a professor, your best fit is a research-based program: Master of Applied Science (MASc) or Doctoral (PhD). With these programs you receive guaranteed minimum funding of support while pursuing your education. A research-based master normally takes two years to complete, and doctoral programs, PhD, usually lasts four years. These programs may require the applicant to have prior research experience before applying. 

Professional course-based Master’s 
The professional course-based Master’s is suited for those who wish to upgrade their current skillset and specialize in knowledge in a specific area. Research is not a big component for the course-based Master’s. The Master of Engineering (MEng) programs are student self-funded and can be completed in one year or longer, depending on how many courses you take each semester.  

Programs at Participating Universities 

McMaster University 

Queen’s University 

Toronto Metropolitan University 

University of Alberta 

University of British Columbia 

University of Toronto 

University of Waterloo  

York University